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California’s first urban state park, Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, is a shoreline park that provides access to open space and recreation in one of San Francisco’s most underinvested neighborhoods. The park itself was a community led environmental justice initiative to return the shoreline to a more natural and beautiful condition.  

Urban parks can serve a critical role as a gateway to connecting people with the natural world, springboard to exploration, inspire land stewardship, and lifelong relationships with nature. Yet for people to begin this relationship, urban parks must be truly excellent, and must offer amenities and programs that create meaningful connections to places.

To ensure local communities feel welcome, California Parks Foundation, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Literacy for Environmental Justice,  California State Parks, Parks California, and a core group of local nonprofits are building trust and engaging the community to reinvigorate the park. Together with the nearby communities, we are building a sustainable, welcoming, and thriving State Park experience at Candlestick Point.

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