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Welcome! Thanks for your interest in Candlestick Point SRA and the current opportunities it has to offer. In this section, you will find more information about Candlestick Park Grants Activities Program and Candlestick Point State Recreation Area – Park Advisory Committee  .

We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Candlestick Park Grants Activities Program

The Candlestick Park Activities Grants Program (Candlestick Point State Recreation Area) is an opportunity aiming to bring together community at Candlestick Point. A growing body of research suggests that nature provides a multitude of benefits from disease prevention, community resilience, social ties among neighbors, and amongst others. Through funding from Parks California, this grants program will support local organizations to host gatherings and activities for Bayview Hunters Point youth and adults at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area.  

This funding opportunity is designed to help ensure Bayview Hunters Point youth and adults have a natural and public space to gather in community and have resources available to promote connection and healing. Grants will be awarded to nonprofits, schools, religious organizations that support youth, adults, and families in Bayview Hunters Point.  


Every other month, Parks California will award grants to support activities for Bayview Hunters Point community members at Candlestick Point. The proposed activities should achieve one or more of the following goals: 

- Foster a sense of community and connection with friends, family, and neighbors.  

- Celebrate joy, promote social health and foster connection with nature.  

- Promote and elevate the voices of Bayview Hunters Point residents. 

Grant Awards 

Parks California anticipates grant awards up to $5,000. 


- You are eligible to apply if you:  

 -Are a nonprofit organization (501 c3, schools, religious organizations) 

- Serve residents of Bayview Hunters Point  

- Propose to host activities at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area


-Program aligned – proposed activities meet one or more of the goals listed above.  

-Community focused – proposed activities are created by and with Bayview Hunters Point community members.   

-Creativity– proposed activities provide meaningful engagement for the community.  

-Collaboration – during office hours, applicant must have a conversation about their proposed activities with Parks California and Candlestick Point staff prior to submitting the proposal.  

-Timing – proposed activities must take place 2-6 months from the quarter in which you’re submitting the proposal.   

-#RecreateResponsibly by respecting one another and the park we enjoy. 

Get Involved: About

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area – Park Advisory Committee  

Do you love spending time outdoors? Are you great at making connections? If so, we are looking for you! Candlestick Point SRA is looking for residents from Bayview Hunters Point, to launch a Park Advisory Committee. We are seeking individuals that are passionate about uplifting the community and reaping the benefits of their local State Park.   

The Candlestick Point – Park Advisory Committee is comprised of Bayview Hunters Point residents. Working alongside Parks California and park staff, the Committee will represent local voices and interests. The Committee members will have the opportunity to provide valuable input in the planning, creation, and development of park activities, strengthening the relationship between the park and community residents. 

Who should consider joining the Candlestick Point – Park Advisory Committee? 

  • Bayview Hunters Point residents who have demonstrated a commitment to making a positive difference through resident engagement are eligible to apply. You should apply if you are: 

  • 18+ years old, eager to share your ideas and thoughts on the programs and activities offered at Candlestick Point SRA, 

  • Want to influence and engage with other leaders, and 

  • Share with community, the benefits of spending time in nature. 

Up to five community residents will be selected for a one-year term.  

What’s required of you? (What we’ll ask of you):  

  • ​The one-year term is from November 2022 to November 2023 

  • Participation in meetings held once a month.

  • The meetings will vary between in-person and hybrid. 

  • Actively participate in the conversation and provide feedback to staff related to community and park activities. 

  • Bring your creative energy to the conversation while being respectful to others’ thoughts and ideas. 

What’s offered? (What you get from us): 

  • Ongoing connections with other participants and with your community. 

  • Stipends based on monthly participation. Participants will be given a $175 per meeting stipend to honor their time and commitment. Half the stipend will be given at the halfway point and the balance given at the end of the commitment. 

  • Support for group co-designed park activity – up to $5,000 to cover direct activity expenses.  

Application and nominations due to September 28th!

Questions? Reach out to Veronica Miranda at  

Get Involved: About
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